Brow Duo Kit
Brow Duo Kit
Brow Duo Kit
Brow Duo Kit
Brow Duo Kit
Brow Duo Kit
Brow Duo Kit
Brow Duo Kit

Brow Duo Kit

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This kit includes:

Brow Fixer Brow Gel
A clear brow styling gel that holds brows in place all day without stiffening, for a natural look.

Brow Filler Pencil
An ultra-fine pencil that fills in sparse areas with hair-like precision for fuller brows.

Color Brow Fixer Brow Gel:Transparent
Color:Light Brown

Step 1

Create natural hairs

Use the Brow Filler Pencil to fill in sparse areas with short, hair-like strokes. The ultra-fine micro tip gives you complete control and precision, so you can create brows that look completely natural. Use the built-in brush to blend in color and blur harsh lines for a seamless finish.

Brow Filler Pencil Brow Care Dashl Shop

Ultra-Thin Tip

Let’s face it, some brushes are just too big for the job! That’s where our ultra-slim brush comes in. Take control of fine lines and small details, giving your look a polished finish. Add super realistic hair like strokes to your eyebrows to make them fuller and thicker. The built in brush makes blending easy peasy for a natural look.

#color_light brown

Fills in Gaps

Say goodbye to overplucked brows. This pencil slides right in between even the smallest gaps, giving you fullness without looking painted on.

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