Length Boosting Lash Primer. 100% vegan. 94% plant based. 100% fabulash

FabuLash Prime + Boost

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Brow Razor Duo

We all have a bit of fuzz on the face, it's completely natural. But if you'd like to remove facial hair, there are far kinder ways than bleaching, waxing and removal creams. Use our Brow Razor for a pain free experience, leaving you smooth and fuzz free.

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Define, Tame & Untangle

Brow Fixer Gel

Define, tame and untangle your brows in seconds. The clear vegan gel gives your brows definition without stiffness or stickiness.

Apply the gel in short, upwards strokes following the direction of hair growth.

The unique styling wand lets you style your brows exactly how you want. Sleek, bushy or brushed up in an instant.

Developed in Sweden

By The Experts Who Use It.

Our products are developed by our in-house beauty experts, with many years of experience from our beauty bars.

We've listened to our customer's feedback, and developed a range designed to fit all skin types and tones, giving you salon results at home!


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