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Meet your new self-routine 
We do vegan, cruelty-free and easy-to-use beauty that amps up the real you in no time.  No matter if you’re running late or are blessed with no stress, you should always be able to put your swag on. Bringing that gorgeousness to the table. That Dashlesness. Btw, our products give you some extra snoozing time as well. All products are fuss-free with real and time-tested ingredients. Never fluff ingredients that’s there for the sake of giving good marketing stories. No no. We don’t put anything in the bottle that isn't supposed to be there.

✦ If the ingredient is not legit and has an entourage of proven studies - it’s out.
✦ If the ingredient is not kind to furry friends and swirling planets - it’s out.
✦ If the ingredient does not vibe with your beauty - it’s def out.

POV: Beauty should not fake who you are 

We don’t believe in changing who you are. Just be yourself, but better. When you’re on your next self-investment spree, slide into one of our Beauty Bars for a special treat. Did we tell you we’re old-school experts on nails, lashes and brows without fake materials, acrylates and questionable toxins? Well, now we did. Find our beauty bars:

✦ Sweden 
Stockholm: Åhléns City, Åhléns Östermalmstorg and Åhléns Westfield Mall Of Scandinavia
Gothenburg: Åhléns City (Nordstan)

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Here’s to lifting women and beauty!

Team Dashl